3 Ways to Get Beach Waves without Heat

You can channel summer all year round by creating dreamy easy breezy beach waves. I will show you 3 ways – no heat required to get the look. If you have some texture in your hair already than its easy to use a wave spray or cream to bump up the wave pattern and create more texture. If you have stick straight hair then getting waves is more of a challenge but not impossible. With all of these methods you will need to start with wet hair so its a good idea to create this beachy style after your shampoo and condition routine.

Method 1
Section wet hair into 3 vertical sections.  Starting top of the first section make a dutch braid all the way down the section. Do not braid all the way to the end. Secure the braid with an elastic band. After hair has dried remove the elastics and undo the braids. You will have a wavy texture to style as you wish.


Apply a texture cream to wet hair then section still wet hair into block sections. Finger twirl each section. Wind it around itself forming knots and pin the knots in place. After hair has dried release the knots and style.


Apply mousse and texture spray to wet hair and begin taking sections of hair and rolling with flexi-rods. Determine the appropriate size rod by  considering  length of hair and size of wave desired. Allow to dry then remove rods and style.




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