Expert or Nah??!?

via Daily Prompt: Expert

With so many beauty “experts on social media these days its hard to tell the real from the fake. I guess there is a bit of gawker and stalker in all of us as we are willing to watch these people in their bedrooms sitting in front of a shoe rack in their bedroom or a shower curtain of a cluttered bathroom talking to us about how they install their own weave. If you are an expert why do you only do your own hair, apply your makeup and also do this in your bathroom. Some people I guess are fine with this type of presentation but as a viewer and as a LICENSED professional I take issue with it. The ultimate punchline in these videos is that you watch some of these “experts” videos which have been carefully edited with music and transitions and even cute little intros with their channel names leading their videos as if to say “TAKE ME SERIOUS. I AM PROFESSIONAL. I AM AN EXPERT. Then they make a pronouncement that hey “I am no professional but…” OK, so why am i listening to you again?

First of all a professional has experience with other hair/makeup other than their own. If you recommend a product to me I need to know that you understand the science of a product so that you are recommending it because it works for my hair/skin type. ok your hair is done face is beat but we in the junky bathroom doing hair or got ya kids hollering in the background #icant. I understand the whole fake it till you make it thing but its extremely hard to perceive what I’m watching as expert advice due to unprofessional settings, lack of basic industry knowledge while watching these tubers put on makeup on themselves over and over again. I can applaud the entrepreneurial spirit but not the presentation. Watcher beware.



Apani Smith is a professional licensed cosmetologist, avid beauty junkie, also a revered Indie Hip-Hop Icon, sleep deprived mom and foodie extraordinaire.  Get social with  @apaniclassic on Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest  to book a hair or makeup consultation/appointment, see more original work and life imitating art. 



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