How often should I get a haircut?

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Honestly, it depends on your hair goals. On average hair grows about 1/4″-1/2″ per month. So the short answer if your hair is relatively healthy is cut it more frequently on pace with your rate of growth if u like it short. If you want to grow it out then seasonally is probably fine. That means 4 times per year. If your hair is damaged from chemical processing like color, bleach, perms or relaxers, or prone to splitting and you are trying to achieve length then you need the long answer.

Its really true that if you cut your hair regularly it will be healthier. If you get highlights, its a good idea to get a cut every time you get your highlights retouched.  If its prone to splitting. There could be numerous issues pointing the cause of the breakage ranging from a complex combination of things to medical related to minor adjustments needing to be made. Regardless, there is no disputing that getting a trim every 6 weeks will be a huge help in creating more attractive results. Especially for those with fine hair. The ends can tend to get pretty thin. Cutting off scraggly ends will give you a thicker, more uniform weight line creating the look of fuller hair.

Everyone wants healthy hair. Keeping up a regular schedule of maintenance trimming on pace with growth is an easy way to help you reach your hair growth goals. If length is your goal don’t cut off more than is needed. If your hair grew 1.5  inches since you last cut maybe you only need to cut 1/2″. This really depends on the extent of damage. If you have been keeping up with a regular trim schedule you will likely need to cut VERY little. Maybe even just 1/4″.


Apani Smith is a professional licensed cosmetologist, avid beauty junkie, also a revered Indie Hip-Hop Icon, sleep deprived mom and foodie extraordinaire.  Get social with  @apaniclassic on Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest  to book a hair or makeup consultation/appointment, see more original work and life imitating art. 

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